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Finding A Flat

Posted by FlatMate on May 22, 2017
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Finding A Flat: The Search

Ok this can take time, but it is a crucial step (literally) into moving into a place. It is important to take your time when finding a flat to make sure the place is right for you. If you are searching online – to start off with have a look at places in the area you are interested in to compare pricing options and accessibility to transport.

Here Are A Few Key Things To Consider


When do you need to move in and when is the place available?


How much does the place cost? And does the advertised cost cover bills? if no, how much extra are they? what do they cover and how often are they paid?


Does this place come with furniture? If so to what extent is it furnished? Information on if the place is fully furnished, partially furnished or not furnished at all will most likely be available in the advertisement. If it is not clearly stated, if possible try contacting the advertiser to ask what furnishings come with the property. This will help you budget on what you may need to purchase if you where to choose the place.

Existing Flatmates

This is a very important part of the process to consider. Information regarding the flat rules and existing flatmates may be available in the advertisement, things that are frequently mentioned include smoking, pets and parties. If possible it is always great to have a link to an existing flatmate in the place that you are moving into, whether it be a friend of a friend or someone that you know personally it can make the process easier.

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