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COLLECTION AND SHARING OF INFORMATION enables users to create accounts, post listings, view content along with other usages. collects and shares user information, please read below on how technical and personal information is collected and shared.


We collect technical information, this may include how users arrive to the website, what users do on the website, how long they spend on the website and the country of the user when accessing the website. This information gathered and collected from users may be shared and used for statistical and audience measuring purposes to provide information for advertisers, business partners, affiliates and further marketing and/or information services along with our usage to improve the website and user experience.

An example of this could be:

A statement from FlatMate Network identifying that the majority of its uses are from New Zealand.


Sections of are set up to publicly share information submitted by the user, this may include listing and user account contact details. This information is stored by operating software and providers.

An example of this could be:

Your contact information you have listed i.e. your phone number, email, social media accounts and/or name in your account that you have listed your property under or stated in your property listing will be in the public domain.

Please be aware that contact and listing information can be accessed by non-account users along with account users.

User submitted listing information and account contact details are generated for the public domain and will be made available in the public domain, information and media entered by users may be actively marketed and promoted by FlatMate Network through website, social media and/or other forms of communication.

An example of this could be:

User submitted photos and information or a link to your listing posted by FlatMate Network on our social media accounts.

Including user accounts and listings there may be further options for users to post content. Information such as your contact details may be collected and stored once entered and used to contact you for promotional activity, research invites and/or further purposes including links to or the manual inputing of data into our mailing lists stored on third parties such as MailChimp.

By using and or visiting you agree that we may disclose your information to meet any legal requirements, request from governments or courts or if we believe a good faith disclosure to be necessary.

Throughout external operators and plugins may be in use, these include but are not limited to external advertisers, software, features, plugins and providers. Information submitted by and/or collected from the user may be visible to such operating parties.

You have the choice not to provide personal information to FlatMateNetwork, this may limit the functionality of the website. FlatMateNetwork may take reasonable steps to insure user submitted personal information is accurate.


Please note third parties, external plugins and providers may use cookies.

Third party vendors may be operating on this site. Third party vendors, including Google may use cookies to deliver ads based on prior website browsing.

Google uses advertising cookies to enable it and its partners to deliver advertisements.

You may opt of personalised advertising from Google by visiting Ads Settings

View Googles Privacy Policy

Read more on opting out of third party vendors or advertisement networks use of cookies for personalised advertising at

By clicking on a third party operator you may be leaving External operators and third parties may further collect information form users.


A cookie is a file that is placed on your device when browsing a website. To learn more about cookies please visit

If you wish to turn off cookies you can do so in your web browser settings.

Cookies are in use on, is a WordPress website, the theme installed is Residence Real Estate. Please read WordPress’s information regarding cookies here.


You have the right to access and correct your information.

You are able to edit your account or listing details you have submitted when logged in to your account.

If you would like FlatMate Network to edit information on your behalf or remove your account/listing you can do so through contacting us through our contact page or by

User submitted information may be stored until asked to be removed by user

DATA PROTECTION uses software to block malicious attacks on the site. Updates are performed regularly on restricts back end access to our website and controls administrative roles strictly.


If in the case FlatMate Network was to be sold or transferred in any other measure your information may be transferred to the new owner/acquirer/provider. You agree that if such transfer or selling procedure was to take place the new owner/acquirer/provider may continue to use your information as stated in this policy.


This Privacy Policy may change at any time without warning, although we may email you or post a notice to inform you of such change. Please check this section of our website regularly and before use.


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